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Location & Geology


Wellgreen Platinum’s 100%-owned Wellgreen project is located in the south west of Canada’s Yukon Territory, approximately 317km NW of the capital, Whitehorse. The deposit is accessible from the paved Alaska Highway, which leads to year-round, deep sea ports in Haines & Skagway Alaska.

The regional climate is semi-arid, sub-arctic with relatively warm, dry summers and winters characterized by relatively dry, cold interior conditions, but tempered by west coast climate influences. The area lies in the rain shadow of the Saint Elias Mountains, with average annual total precipitation for the Burwash Landing station of 27.97 centimetre cm (11 inches) of which 19.2 cm (7.6 inches) typically falls as rain in summer and the remainder as snow in winter.

The Property lies within the Kluane First Nation core area as defined by their treaty with Canada and the Yukon Government.

An all-weather airstrip is located 30 km southeast of the property at Burwash Landing and maintained by NAV CANADA.

Geology and Mineralogy

The Wellgreen deposit occurs within, and along the lower margin of, an Upper Triassic ultramafic-mafic body, within the Quill Creek Complex. This assemblage of mafic-ultramafic rocks is 20 kilometres long and closely intrudes along the contact between the Station Creek and Hasen Creek formations. The main mass of the Quill Creek Complex, the Wellgreen and Quill intrusions, is 4.7 kilometres long and up to 1,000 metres wide.

Mineralization on the Property occurs within the Quill Creek Complex, a layered intrusion which gradationally transitions from Dunite to Peridotite to Pyroxenite to Clinopyroxenite to Gabbro with a corresponding increasing sulphide content through this sequence toward contact with the Paleozoic sedimentary country rocks. Mineralization within the main Wellgreen deposit has been delineated into six zones of massive and disseminated mineralization known respectively as the Far East Zone, East Zone, Central Zone, West Zone, Far West Zone, and North Arm Zone. The mineralization at Wellgreen is similar to gabbro-associated nickel deposits such as those found in Noril’sk, Russia; Stillwater, Montana; and Sudbury, Ontario, though it is unusual in comparison with the width of continuous disseminated mineralization and total platinum group metals (PGMs) content.

Exploration drilling has defined a mineralized zone over a 2.8 kilometre East-West trend. The deposit averages 100 to 200 metres in thickness at surface in the Far West Zone, expands to 500 metres in thickness in the Central Zone and to nearly a kilometre wide in the Far East Zone where the deposit remains open down dip and along trend.

The main sulphide minerals associated with potentially economic mineralization at Wellgreen include pentlandite for nickel, chalcopyrite for copper, with the PGMs platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and osmium, as well as, gold included in sperrylite, merenskyite, sudburyite, and other lesser known minerals that are often associated with magnetite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, and pentlandite, along with cobaltite for cobalt.

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