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Location & Geology

The Shakespeare mine project is located in the Sudbury mining district of Canada, approximately one hour by road from Sudbury, Ontario; a mining-friendly jurisdiction ranked in the top 20 globally by the Fraser Institute. The climate in the area is characterized by moderately long, cold winters and shorter, warm summers and modest rainfall, as is typical of mid-continental conditions. Mining activity can be carried out year round.

The Shakespeare deposit is hosted within a north-dipping differentiated gabbroic sill, approximately 80m thick, situated along the north contact of a Nipissing Suite mafic intrusive with quartzites of the Mississagi Formation.

The bulk of the mineralization occurs as a broad northeast trending conformable zone of magmatic sulphides located approximately 30m to 80m below the upper contact of the intrusion with the quartzites. The style of magmatic sulphides in the mineralized zone progresses downward from sporadically disseminated, to scattered multi-centimetre sized blebby composite to locally net-textured pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite-pentlandite grains, to more evenly distributed, heavily disseminated magmatic sulphides. The overall dip of the deposit is steeply northwards.